Master Zhang Du Gan regularly holds workshops in Italy, organized by the International Ba Gua Zhang Association, to continually follow the training of students and teachers of the association but also to meet new students and enthusiasts who want to approach Ba Gua Zhang. In addition to the events organized in Italy, Master Zhang organizes courses and workshops in China, in areas of particular historical, natural and cultural interest for the gong fu tradition, as happened in occasion of the 2015 stage in Huang Shan.

M. Zhang Dugan’s teaching style is characterized by adherence to the traditional system and ability to translate oriental culture into Western teaching. Each didactic aspect contains elements of inspiration for practitioners at any level, this is the reason why his seminars are usually open to practitioners of all kinds, from beginners to advanced.

The focus of teaching is on quality and “truth” of the movement, refined through both fundamental and specific exercises. During the workshops, starting from a program of traditional forms, Master Zhang chooses the aspects to be explored, including cultural aspects, healthy practices and martial techniques, by assessing the characteristics of practitioners.

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