ZhangDuGan-e1425826104191-3-largeAs a child, Master Zhang Du Gan was weak and frail: at the age of 12, his father Zhang Dun Kui sent him to practice martial arts to improve his health. It was by chance that he immediately met the great Wang HanZhi, and, following this Master and benefactor, he studied Ba Gua Zhang assiduously for many years, receiving many lessons in return.
When his master expatriated to follow his own path, Zhang Du Gan continued to study under the guidance of grandfather Wang Zhuang Fei. Between the eighties and nineties, the venerable teacher Wang Zhuang Fei used to travel frequently to the province of Zhejiang and Guangdong to teach Ba Gua Zhang. Zhang Du Gan always accompanied him as an instructor, eating, sleeping and always staying with the teacher-grandfather, and in this way he was able to learn the true and more internal teachings.

Now Zhang Du Gan is no longer fraught with health but, on the contrary, full of energy, having reached high levels in both health and combat techniques. From the bottom of his heart he thanks his teacher and the teacher-grandfather for having transmitted to him the most advanced teachings. He has sworn to spread this precious style to as many people as possible, in order to make Ba Gua Zhang bigger.

Currently Zhang Du Gan is teaching Ba Gua Zhang in Italy and China and is willing to do it all over the world. He regularly teaches his seminars in Italy and in the Shanghai region of China, where he gives private lessons too.

Master Zhang Du Gan can currently speak Italian and chinese.
He’s used to teach all over Italy, where he regularly performs his stages, and he teaches in Shanghai’s region, by private lessons.
It is possible to contact him by phone, at +86 13636616070 or you can write an email.