YinFu-3-largeYin Fu was from the village of ZhuangHuai, in district of Ji, part of the province of Hebei.
He went to Beijing when was very young, and lived near Chao Yang gate, in n.40 of courtyard Tou Tiao.
He was a good and friendly man, and he demonstrated since when was very young interest for martial arts; in addition, he was a very loyal person.
Yin Fu worshiped Dong HaiChuan as his teacher and started to learn Baguazhang until he became the first student of Dong and inheritor of Baguazhang. Yin Fu learned a superior instruction from Dong and this allowed him to achieve a very high level of technique expertise. After that, he received an offer to work in the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace) with the honor to have the free access in order to teach Baguazhang to imperial court: all noblesse called Yin Fu teacher and learned Baguazhang from him. Yin Fu was also teacher of martial arts of the Imperator Guang Xu and he was lifeguard of The Empress Dowager Ci Xi.
Thanks to his elegant features, thin body and his gentle character, he was nicknamed the “Shou Yin”, or Yin the thin.