Dong-Hai-Chuan-2-largeDong Hai Chuan is the founder of Ba Gua Zhang. Dong was first called Dong Ming Quei, He was born in ZhuJiaWu town in WenAn district in He bei province. Dong was big, with long arms and heavy hands, he was strong with a great fighting ability. From his childhood Dong loved fighting and hunting. Dong Haichuan was renowned in his country for his strenght and fearless.
When Dong grew up, started to travel around the Chinese Empire. He travelled a lot to improve his ability and qualities. In the Mountain JiuHua in AnHui Province Dong Haichuan met a Taoist monk. The Monk taught to him a very special martial technique. Dong trained many years this technique in full immersion. After many studies Dong mixed this technique with the philosophies of xian tian ba gua (as known as fu xi bagua) and hou tian ba gua (as known as wen wang bagua). So Dong Hia Chuan founded the most famous internal style the Ba Gua Zhang.
When XianFeng (1851-1861) was Emperor, Dong went in Peking, to meet with the most renowned martial arts Masters. In this time Dong changed his name and He gave a bribe to some officials to access inside the Forbidden City. Dong’s intent was to meet the most skilled men in all Empire. Dong Hai Chuan was very sorry when don’t met anyone that was in his expectations.
In mean time Dong improved his martials skills and level. So inside the Forbidden City many learned about his boldness and spirit of valor. For this reasons Dong Hai chuan was engaged by Su Wang Fu or King Su. Was told that for the birthday of King Su was proclaimed a martial art tournament. The Noblemen and their families came from every province of the Empire to be present at the Challenge, because only the best fighter could partcipate. A great crowd was near the King to assist to the fight. So When the King needed a cup of tea no one could reach near the King Su. No one but Dong Hai Chuan. He with his Ba Gua Zhang ability jumped over the crowd with a cup of tea and he served it to the King Su. The King was very impressed how Dong served him the tea cup. So the King asked Dong to show his martial skills. This was the time to present to the world the Ba Gua Zhang. So Dong did. No one could match versus Dong and his Ba Gua Zhang. He defeated every fighter till the leader of Imperial Guard and teacher of martial arts of the King Su the Muslim Sha HuiHui. Sha had the same fate of the others. Sha lost the duel and his office.
King Su appointed Dong Hai Chuan leader of the martial arts Masters and how his Master. Dong had the seventh level in office of Kingdom and leader of Imperial Guard. A great honor. From that day the world of Chinese martial arts changed. Many men came from every side of the empire to Dong Hai Chuan to challenge him or to learn the Ba Gua Zhang.