International BaGua Zhang Association (IBGZA) is the only association officially recognized by M. Zhang Du Gan. It embraces pupils, trainers and associations who follow M. Zhang by practicing the BaGua Zhang of his genealogy.

Through seminars, courses and events, IBGZA committed itself to spreading Ba Gua Zhang gong fu all over the world. Founded in 2012, the association already has branches in Italy, Europe, and China and is continuously working to grow the number and quality of its practitioners and trainers.

All members of IBGZA cooperate closely to bring forward an ancient martial tradition known for combat effectiveness and positive health effects. At the same time, M. Zhang, playing the role of technical director, has made the learning of Ba Gua Zhang, a complex and articulated martial art, within everyone’s reach. Nowadays, people of all ages and at different levels of experience, all of whom are interested in the practice of Traditional Kung Fu, are studying at the IBGZA premises.

By means of publications in martial arts magazines, conferences and research supported by doctors and physiotherapists, the IBGZA is also engaged in the disclosure of the theoretical aspects of Ba Gua Zhang and Eastern culture in general.

For more information and to know how to join the IBGZA, contact us.