A welcoming, almost spring-like Turin welcomed Master Zhang Du Gan’s seminar on last March 10 and 11, at the Bodyline fitness club in Moncalieri, attended by Ba Gua Zhang practitioners from all over Italy.

In the program of this seminar, in addition to the usual review and analysis of the basics (jibengong) of the style, master Zhang has deepened the teaching of a section of the traditional form “wu long chuan” (black dragon), taking care of details and quality of each movement and perfectioning the understanding of the techniques.

“Many people forget or change the true expression of the forms, mainly because they have memorized them without fully understanding” said Master Zhang “we study together to reach a correct understanding of all the techniques, so to both pass them down correctly, and to be able to use them.”

Great attention was also paid by M. Zhang to the work of strengthening the body and cultivating health, through the sequence of movements called “rou shen gong“, analyzed up to the smallest joints: “with this sequence we work the body as if it were a dough, in order to let it acquire a natural energy balance while maintaining and improving health. At the same time body care is needed to reinforce us to combat. ”

Interviewed and welcomed in the breathtaking location of Savoy’s Palazzina di caccia in Stupinigi, the master and his pupils offered to hundreds of amazed visitors an unexpected demonstration of style. In front of the cameras, master focused on the peculiar characteristic of Ba Gua Zhang: “this is the only style in kung fu that always walks, it is never stationary. Our movement is continuous, to try and find an open door in the opponent’s defenses, so to attack. But walking in a circle, a feature that makes Ba Gua Zhang famous, also allows you to build a healthy and strong body. All the doctors, both Eastern and Western, agree on the virtues of walking, which helps in having a strong health and a long life.”


Turin is one of the reference points for learning Ba Gua Zhang in Italy, thanks to the local work of M. Roberto Sergi. For all the lovers of internal styles and the practitioners of Ba Gua Zhang the date for the next seminar with M. Zhang Du Gan is scheduled for next July in Bologna.